Nonetheless the Flipper family did a good job in 
repairing goldflipper, but everyone was getting old 
and tired of the task. One flipper caught the 
neurodotoxin from puffy and was sickened so bad 
she had to be put in a wheelchair. The time was 
right for goldflipper to tell its story, when Jupiter 
made a full revolution from the constellation Virgo, 
which had the sun in it when Puffy and Octupus attacked 
Goldflipper. Goldflipper who was a virgin reborn due 
to the repairs felt that now was the right time to tell.

Soon goldflipper would be able to show its new 
armour and insides to the world. It amassed a lot 
of RAM and CPU power over the years. It could let 
everyone know that it survived the attack by puffy 
and octopus, which was already told to the caribbean 
sea many moons ago, but that was a different story. 
Revenge on puffy is probably not a good idea, but 
octopus may have it coming, because puffy noticed 
octupus told him lies. Only time will tell. 

Goldflipper lives!

not the end