Since Goldflipper had very little 
battery left they first gave him 
a coat of black solar scales, so 
that the sun could power goldflipper. 
They repaired the fission reactor 
but shut it down. It was not common 
for flippers to use fission reactors 
anymore in the 2000's, goldflipper 
was a real blast from the past.

Next the flippers gave him new 
non-magnetic steel frameworks allowing 
goldflipper to keep its balance better, 
and also outfitted a fuel cell for extra 
power that was scouted by the flippers 
during a "wandertag" in Franconia. A set 
of Li-Ion batteries were installed as well, 
much later due to the finding that a fuel 
cell with battery combination is a much 
better combination for cyborgs.

By now goldflipper was mostly black. Under its 
skin was still a bit of gold but it was mostly 
covered up by black scales and oil that kept 
oozing out of goldflipper due to its repairs 
caused by the fight with octupus. Puffy once 
came around and called him "Blobby" because it 
reminded him of a whale. At the sight of the 
taunting puffy goldflipper almost lost its cool 
and destroyed some Puffy CD's out of its library.